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Meeting Minutes

Read Summer Board Meeting Minutes Here

Fall General Meeting - 09/09/2019

  1. Call to Order and Greeting - 6:30 by MGG.
  2. Reading of FBOA Purpose and Objectives - done by MGG.
  3. Secretary’s Report Dan Barz - As distributed.
    1. 3/18/19 General Meeting - Approved.
    2. 7/15/19 Summer Board Meeting - Approved.
  4.  Treasurer’s Report - Accepted.
    1.  Credit Union & PayPal - $ 1396.06 Balance.
    2.  Bruce Mollineaux replacing Pete Han.
    3.  Check Dues list (Attachment at meeting).
  5.  Recruiting Report Ken Schmaltz/MGG.
    1.  MHSAA Recruiting for 2019-2020.
    2. Legacy Officials’ Program, continuing at BHS, encouraging other AD’s to do so.
  6.  Constitution/By-Laws Review MGG.
    1. Dues Payment June 1 - Move back? Discussion on reason for timing.
    2. Vice-President Duties.
    3. Speakers - Retain statement.
    4. Add Membership & Recruiting Coordinator as Board Member.
    5. Associated Members - currently coaches & ADs/Add Legacy, Others?
  7. Trainers’ Reports.
    1. Football Steve Petlick - meetings at his house, clinic and Edwardsburg, meetings coming in Dowagiac and work with SMOA. Keeping attendance for state eligibility. Max worked state finals. Terry - Shortage of officials, difficulty getting full crews for Fridays.
    2. Volleyball Dan Barz - held home & multiple meetings, Seeking "Ball Handling" videos.
    3. Wrestling Brian Kuemin - first meeting Nov. 11, partner with KO A, Need to recruit more officials, students.
    4. Basketball Freddy Krieger - Rule & Casebook coming; review points of emphasis from previous season; Official manual to be coming, will be highly instructional; New mechanics reporting fouls; use preseason to get in shape; e-mail the primary form of communication; Sept. 24 begin preseason meetings at Martins, Rules meeting times posted and clinics.
    5. Baseball Dale Yoder - Recognize District crews; Regional & Super-regionals officials; Steve P. State Finals; Nov. 13 first rules meeting.
    6. Softball Bret Damaske - Meeting dates; Rookie training possible in the fall.
  8. MHSAA Association Leaders / Assigners Summer Meeting.
    1. Officials guidebook - on the MSHAA site.
    2. Social media guidelines (p. 3) especially important can get suspension.
    3. Sport-specific Uniforms for some sports coming (pp. 11-12).
    4. Personal Attack is to result in ejection and officials report needs to be filed exactly as stated, (pp. 14-17). Both verbal & physical. Each sport needs to review application.
    5. Tournament Assignments / Philosophy and Requirements (pp. 25-28).
  9.  Assignors Report Dave Buck/Terry Myers.
    1. Thoughts from Association Leaders / Assignors Meeting.
      1. Basketball - some (5) missing schedules.
      2. Mark Kenyon to be assisting Dave, learning process.
      3. Start with varsity, boys MS - pair mentor & newer official, self-assign for some games and levels.
      4. Social media - Twitter account for assigning, private group.
      5. T erry working raising baseball pay.
      6. 8-man & 11 -man ratings the same.
    2. Assignment of MS games / $5 fee/member as nothing is paid by MHSAA.
  10. Web Report Dave Buck.
    1. Invoice submitted for web hosting fee and for domain names and privacy.
    2. Check Meeting dates with Trainers.
    3. Get up to date info on officials - can be done on line, also bring list to November meeting.
  11. Scholarship Committee Report Dale Y/Dan B/Daryl B.
    1. Do we continue (just 2 applicants)?
    2. Received and read thank you notes from both recipients.
    3. Web site needs to be updated for recent recipients.
  12. New Business/New Members.
    1. Steve Jacobus; Jerry Dobbins from SMOA - Approved.
    2. Dave Buck honored by Vern Norris award (MHSAA highest honor).
  13. Old Business - None.
  14. Good of the Association - MGG.
  15. Adjourned at 8:05.

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Barz, FBOA Secretary

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